Education is an investment not a cost!


Advanced Life Support makes use of Physicians, Nurses and qualified/certified instructors with a solid experience in the Medical Training area that offer you their competence and knowledge to better understand everything concerning public healthcare.

Our main goal is to guarantee the presence of high level clinical and professional trainers according to the type of patient treated, in order to ensure an indisputable training quality for each specific discipline.

The added value of our team is first of all the identification of the targets to reach and the full attention of the services offered, to ensure high quality in every meeting to convert the course in an incredibly powerful experience, developing a strong motivation in  the student in order to obtain the skills and knowledge requested faster and easier.


Course Dynamics

Our courses are divided into “Calendar Courses” and “Personalized Courses” which involves some differences in planning and organization: :

Calendar Courses

  1. Our Courses are usually planned every day of the week.
  2. Course duration depends on the type of course chosen and may require student’s availability from 1 to 3 days.
  3. In our calendar you can find the place where the course will be held and the classrooms will be equipped with all facilities, trainer mannequins and all equipment required for lessons and practical training.

Personalized Courses

  1. The courses can be planned every day of the week, following the participant’s request. It is possible to plan courses during the weekend to facilitate participant’s working needs.
  2. Course Duration can be planned in different days according to the participant’s needs.
  3. The Course can be planned at the Participant’s Address. All required equipment for single Course will be provided by us.

All our courses integrate different methodologies to facilitate quick, pleasant and effective learning:

  • Theoretical part in the classroom
  • Practical training Individually or in Teams to increase performance and behaviour
  • Follow up in order to maintain acquired skills over time.