Education is an investment not a cost!
Corsi Advanced Life Support


Advanced Life Support has been working in health/medical training sector since 2003, providing tuition and training for students and professionals at all levels.

Our training is aimed at everyone: Healthcare Professionals & non-Medical personnel and our goal is to provide the theoretical knowledge (Know-how) and technical skills (Abilities) to operate in safety and with competence in Prevention & Healthcare Public-Rescue Sector during professional daily activities.

We plan and manage, in partnership with directors, coordinators and instructors and members of National and International Scientific Associations, basic, intermediate and advanced courses based on various disciplines: management of Adult and Pediatric patients, Newborn/Premature Child, Obstetrical training, Severe/Major Trauma Patient Management inside and outside the hospital.

The right professional approach to the patient, together with your competence and your preparation, are the Key to moving professionally in the right direction when having to deal with easy or difficult emergency situations but, above all, to avoid making a critical situation worse due to negligence.

Our work is available to all those who wish to be of use to anyone and put human values and the rights of the most vulnerable before everything.

Know-how, Capability and Soft skills are our main aim: Rescue Actions must never be just technical actions, but always must be vital and active parts of the action.